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Martin Hansen (AUS/DE) is a Berlin-based choreographer and artist working in performative media, within both theatre and gallery contexts.


Throughout their body of work, they seek to activate and unfold queer temporalities around the dancing body and  the economies of power that sustain the theatre. 

In their practice, archives in the form of extant photography, film, video and GIF collections are used to critically explore memory and time, with ghosts recurring as generative figures and structures upon which individual works are built.  Choreography thereby acts as an organising principle, serving to activate relations between body, object, image, text, and place.

A formally trained and celebrated dancer, movement is central to, yet an autonomous element within their artistic processes. Their practice departs from a proposition of ‘Choreographic Inhabitation’: a combination of somatic, technical, and fantastical practices through which to build affective worlds and logics from which dance emerges. In this way, Martin's work uniquely melds concept and practice to foreground the audience experience whilst honouring their deep capacity for engagement.

Since 2015, Martin’s solos and group works have been presented at venues such as Tanzfabrik, Sophiensaele and Radials System (Berlin), PACT Zollverein, Rencontre Chorégraphique Internationales De Seine Saint Denis (Paris), Charleroi Danse and KANAL Centre Pompidou (Brussels), Hong Kong Arts Festival (Hong Kong), Dancehouse and Dance Massive (Melbourne), Aerowaves (Aarhus), and Carriageworks (Sydney).

Martin was a Danceweb scholar in 2013 and was named Germany’s Dancer of the Year by Tanzmagazine in 2012.

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