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The Superimposition

The Superimposition is a new gallery and video work by Martin Hansen and Melanie Jame Wolf.

Performances and exhibition in the Bärenzwinger Berlin

Opening September 18 with performance, more dates coming soon

Exhibition September 19 - November 13

The Superimposition is a formal experiment that seeks to uncover the possibilities of the intersection of these 3 spaces/modalities: : live dance, moving image and gallery/non-stage context. Hansen and Wolf’s research investigates ideas of the moving image as an expanded choreographic practice. Rather than being preoccupied with the digitisation of dance practices or the traditional dance film, The Superimposition looks to examine a lineage of dance in narrative art house cinema. Specifically, it looks at the intertextual relationship of ‘everyday’ dance scenes between the work of Jean-Luc Goddard and Hal Hartley. Departing from these historical references of dance on screen, the project arrives at a meeting between contemporary screen and live dance practices in the gallery context.

The Superimposition proposes both a formal study and a temporary experimental public archive - a site of remembering and storing - at the intersection of embodied moving image and choreographic practices. It explores the implications of a mix of trained and untrained bodies, the appearance of choreographed bodies in the non-dance film, and the use of ‘everyday’ dance as a poetic and narrative device in moving image works. The title of the project refers to the cinematic technique of layering images. It also refers to the hauntological nature of exploring embodied material that is ‘captured’ on film/video or in choreographic scores; material that exits virtually and with agency across and outside of linear time.

Concept, Direction and Performance: Martin Hansen and Melanie Jame Wolf

Performance: Justin Kennedy

Dramaturgy: Louise Truehardt

Curation and Head of Production: Isabel de Sena

Video Crew: TINT Collective

Assistance: Evan Loxton

Funded by NeuStart Kultur Stepping Out via Joint Adventures

Im Köllnischen Park
Rungestr. 30
10179 Berlin

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